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Karaoke or Concert
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Title VCD DVD  
3OMETHING QK Part I & II (2008) 林海峰...是但噏求其大合唱
  HK$230.00 Add to cart
903id club Music Is Live 2011 (Blu-ray) 陳奕迅x楊千嬅x梁漢文拉闊音樂會(藍光碟)
  HK$215.00 Add to cart
Adam Cheng Siu Chau Live KOK 鄭少秋家傳戶曉演唱會2005卡拉OK
  HK$138.00 Add to cart
Alan Tam 2015 40th Anniversary Live (Blu-ray) 譚詠麟銀河歲月40載演唱會Live(藍光碟)
  HK$298.00 Add to cart
Alan Tam 30 Years Concert KOK 譚詠麟歌者戀歌濃情30年演唱會卡拉OK
  HK$172.00 Add to cart
Alan Tam and Hacken Lee Live Concert Karaoke (2009) 左麟右李2009演唱會卡拉OK
  HK$195.00 Add to cart
Alan Tam and Hackon 2009 Live Concert Karaoke (Blu-ray) 譚詠麟左麟右李演唱會2009卡拉OK(藍光碟)
  HK$240.00 Add to cart
Alan Tam Live In Concert 2010 Karaoke (2 Blu-ray) 譚詠麟再度感動演唱會卞拉OK(2藍光碟)
  HK$265.00 Add to cart
Alan Tam The Best Sound Ever reborn Karaoke (Blu-ray) (2008) 譚詠麟愛的根源卡拉OK(藍光碟)
  HK$178.00 Add to cart
Amy Wu 512 Concert Live 2010 胡美儀512音樂佈道會世界巡迴香港站
  HK$115.00 Add to cart
An Enchanted Evening with Kit Chan and Chiu Tsang Hei featuring the HK CITYPOPS (Blu-ray) (2012) 陳潔儀趙增熹傾城音樂會(藍光碟)
  HK$290.00 Add to cart
Andy Lau Vision Tour 2004 Concert Live and Karaoke 劉德華Vision
  HK$170.00 Add to cart
Andy Lau Wonderful World China Tour Shanghai Live Karaoke (Blu-ray) 劉德華中國巡迴演唱會上海(藍光碟)
Anita Mui Final Concert Live KOK 百變梅艷芳告別舞台演唱會KOK
Big Four 大家利事演唱會(藍光碟)(2013)
  HK$220.00 Add to cart
Chilam In Concert 2011 (Blu-ray) 張智霖我係外星人演唱會2011(藍光碟)
  HK$220.00 Add to cart
Denise Ho 何韻詩MEMONTO 2013紅館演唱會Live BD (Blu-ray)
  HK$220.00 Add to cart
Donald Cheung 04 Live Show Good Karaoke 張偉文04好聽演唱會卡拉OK
  HK$198.00 Add to cart
Eason's Moving On Stage 1 KOK Live (3DVD) 陳奕迅Moving On Stage 1 
  HK$205.00 Add to cart
EEG 15 Anniversary Various Artists Concert (Blu-ray) (2015)   NEW
  HK$205.00 Add to cart
Ekin Cheng Beautiful Day 2011 Karaoke Live (Blu-ray)
  HK$215.00 Add to cart
Elanne Kwong My First Show 2010 In Concert Karaoke 江若琳2010演唱會卡拉OK
  HK$120.00 Add to cart
Frances Yip and HKCO Concert KOK 葉麗儀與香港中樂團音樂會
  HK$85.00 Add to cart
George Lam 40th Anniversary Concert (Blu-ray) (2017)
  HK$270.00 Add to cart
Grasshopper x Softhard Fans Concert (Blu-ray) (2012) 草蜢森巴大戰軟硬FANS 2012演唱會(藍光碟)
Hacken And Hong Kong Sinfonietta 2011 Live (Blu-ray) 李克勤香港小交響樂團演奏廳2011演唱會(藍光碟)
  HK$212.00 Add to cart
Hacken Lee Concert Hall (Blu-ray) 李克勤演奏廳 (藍光碟)
  HK$195.00 Add to cart
Hacken Lee Live In Concert Karaoke 2006 (Blu-ray) 李克勤得心應手演唱會2006卡拉OK(藍光碟)
  HK$240.00 Add to cart
Hacken Lee Live In Concert Karaoke 3 discs 2006 李克勤得心應手演唱會2006(3碟卡拉OK)
  HK$195.00 Add to cart
Hacken Lee Seoul Concert Hall II (Blu-ray) 李克勤演奏廳II(藍光碟)
  HK$195.00 Add to cart
Hacken x Joey Live Concert 李克勤x容祖兒壓軸拉闊音樂會2004KOKLive
  HK$140.00 Add to cart
Hacken's Concert Hall Karaoke Live (Blu-ray) 你的克勤演奏廳演唱會卡拉OK Live(藍光碟)
  HK$280.00 Add to cart
Hins Live Karaoke (Blu-ray) (2010) 張敬軒軒動心弦演唱會(藍光碟)
  HK$228.00 Add to cart
Ivana Wong Fragrance Of Music With Alex Fung And Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (Blu-ray) (2016)
  HK$197.00 Add to cart
Jacky 02-03 Grand Finale Music Odyssey 張學友音樂之旅Live演唱會
  HK$180.00 Add to cart
Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour Live (2 Blu-ray) (2013) 張學友1/2世紀演唱(2藍光碟)
  HK$280.00 Add to cart
Jacky Cheung Live in Concert 1999 Karaoke 環球張學友友個人LIV KOK 1999
  HK$125.00 Add to cart
Jacky Cheung Millennium Karaoke (1999) 完全學友卡拉OK
  HK$92.00 Add to cart
Jacky Cheung Private Corner Mini Concert LIVE KOK (Blu-ray) 張學友迷你音樂會Live KOK(藍光碟)
  HK$230.00 Add to cart
Jacky Cheung Private Corner Mini Concert LIVE KOK 張學友迷你音樂會Live KOK
  HK$190.00 Add to cart
Jacky Live Performance Karaoke 張學友活出生命演唱會卡拉OK
  HK$160.00 Add to cart
Joey Yung Hacken Lee Concert Live (2 Blu-ray) (2015) 容祖兒 李克勤 演唱會 Live 2015 (2藍光碟)   NEW
  HK$268.00 Add to cart
Joseph Koo Concert (2 Blu-ray) Karaoke (2012)
  HK$270.00 Add to cart
Joseph Koo Glorious Concert in Hong Kong (4 Blu-ray) 2015 2016 Karaoke
  HK$358.00 Add to cart
Justin One Good Show Live Karaoke DVD 側田 One G ood Show演唱會卡拉OK
  HK$132.00 Add to cart
Justin WeTouch Live World Tour 2015 (Blu-ray) 側田WeTouch Live世界巡迴演唱會2015(藍光碟)
  HK$220.00 Add to cart
Kary Ng The Present Concert 2013 (Blu-ray) 吳雨霏 Kary Ng The Present Concert 2013(藍光碟)
Kay Tse Yelling Live Concert 2009 Karaoke (Blu-ray) 好多謝安琪吶喊演唱會2009卡拉OK(藍光碟)
  HK$235.00 Add to cart
Kelly Chen and Jordon Chan Mil Concert Hall Live KOK 陳慧琳X陳小春拉闊演奏廳演唱會卡拉OK
  HK$118.00 Add to cart
Kelly Chen Lost in Paradise Live Karaoke 陳慧琳紙醉金迷演唱會卡拉OK
  HK$202.00 Add to cart
Lam Hoi Fung 林海峰 林狗十大傑青音樂會
  HK$30.00 Add to cart
Leo Ku In Concert 05 Karaoke 古巨基05勁歌金曲演唱會卡拉OK
  HK$132.00 Add to cart
Les Miserables (25th Anniversary in Concert) (Blu-ray)
  HK$248.00 Add to cart
Linkin Park : Road To Revolution (Blu-ray)
  HK$195.00 Add to cart
Love 05 Music Videos Karaoke Love05情歌全K集
Love 06 Music Videos Karaoke Love06情歌全K集
  HK$115.00 Add to cart
Love Joey Love Four Karaoke (3 Disc) 喜歡祖兒新曲+精選Karaoke (3碟版)
  HK$170.00 Add to cart
Mariam Yeung Minor Classics Live (Blu-ray) (2012)
  HK$215.00 Add to cart
MARK LUI THANK YOU Concert Live (2 Blu-ray) (2013) 雷頌德MARK LUI THANK YOU演唱會2013 Live(2藍光碟)
Mavis Concert (dts) 范曉萱絕世名伶演唱會
  HK$46.00 Add to cart
Miriam Yeung Ladies and Gentlemen World Tour Live In HK 2010 (Blu-ray) 楊千嬅世界巡迴演唱會2010香港站(藍光碟)
  HK$210.00 Add to cart
Miriam Yeung Ladies and Gentlemen World Tour Live In HK 2010 Karaoke Live (3 DVD) 楊千嬅世界巡迴演唱會2010香港站
  HK$198.00 Add to cart
Miriam Yeung Let's Begin Concert 2015 World Tour (Blu-ray) 楊千嬅世界巡迴演唱會(藍光碟)
  HK$220.00 Add to cart
Mr Everyone Concert 1 Live Karaoke (Blu-ray)
  HK$228.00 Add to cart
Mr Everyone Concert 1 Live Karaoke 3 DVD
  HK$195.00 Add to cart
Mr Jimmy Lo Concert Karaoke (2 Blu-ray) (2016) 歌詞大師盧國沾作品演唱會 (2藍光碟)
  HK$252.00 Add to cart
Palace 麗花皇宮壓軸dts版
  HK$46.00 Add to cart
PolyGram Forever Live (Blu-ray)
  HK$230.00 Add to cart
Priscilla Chan Live 2003 Karaoke 陳慧嫻珍演唱會2003KOK
  HK$140.00 Add to cart
Priscilla-ISM Live (2 Blu-ray) (2016)
  HK$295.00 Add to cart
PURELY FOR YOU 2013 (Blu-ray) 陳潔麗演唱會香港站(藍光碟)
  HK$270.00 Add to cart
Rain The Best Show Live Concert (3D + 2D Blu-ray) (2011)
  HK$95.00 Add to cart
Reflection Of Joey's Live KOK 容祖兒演唱會2005卡拉OK
  HK$185.00 Add to cart
Ronald Cheng Live in Concert 2006 2 DVD 鄭中基演唱會二00六
  HK$132.00 Add to cart
Rosanne in Starry Night Concert KOK (DVD+2CD)
Sally Is Intimately Yours Concert (Blu-ray) (2012)
Sally Now's My Prime Twenty five Ann Live 葉蒨文Now My Prime 25週年金曲演唱會
  HK$130.00 Add to cart
Sally Yeh Live Karaoke 葉蒨文真我在舞台音樂會KOK
  HK$115.00 Add to cart
Sammi Touch Mi 2 (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) 2016 Live
  HK$310.00 Add to cart
Sammi Touch Mi 2 (Blu-ray) 2016 Live Mastered in 4K
  HK$220.00 Add to cart
Sandy Lam Live and Karaoke 林憶蓮夜色無邊演唱會2005Live Karaoke
  HK$132.00 Add to cart
Shine Passion Live (Blu-ray) (2013)
  HK$220.00 Add to cart
Sukie S My First Stage Live 2016 (Blu-ray)   NEW
Teresa Cheung Live (Blu-ray) (2012) 當張德蘭遇上顧嘉輝演唱會(藍光碟)
  HK$215.00 Add to cart
The Wynners 38 Live Concert KOK (Blu-ray) (2011) 溫拿38大躍進演唱會(藍光碟)
  HK$235.00 Add to cart
The Wynners 38 Live Karaoke 3 DVD 溫拿38大躍進演唱會KOK
  HK$195.00 Add to cart
the Wynners Live In Concert (Blu-ray) (2016)
  HK$278.00 Add to cart
This is an EASecret (3 DVD)
  HK$180.00 Add to cart
Tsai Chin Hong Kong Concert Live KOK (Blu-ray) 2010 蔡琴2010(海上良宵)香港演唱會卡拉OK(藍光碟)
  HK$235.00 Add to cart
Twins LOL Live in HK (2 Blu-ray) (2016)
  HK$228.00 Add to cart
Wynners 33 Concert Karaoke (2007) 溫拿33好時光演唱會卡拉OK(精裝版)
  HK$130.00 Add to cart
Wynners 33 Concert Karaoke (Limit Edition) (2007) 溫拿33好時光演唱會卡拉OK(全球限量版)
  HK$180.00 Add to cart
Yan Zi Live Concert in Hong Kong 孫燕姿2005飛躍紅館演唱會Live
  HK$155.00 Add to cart
Young and Dangerous Live Karaoke (Blu-ray) (2014) 歲月友情演唱會Live Karaoke(藍光碟)
  HK$218.00 Add to cart
一柳柔情有影虹演唱會KOK DVD
  HK$135.00 Add to cart
古巨基 Leo Ku Magic Moments Concert 2007 Karaoke (DVD)
  HK$215.00 Add to cart
  HK$240.00 Add to cart
張偉文唱好唱好2007演唱會 KARAOKE
  HK$145.00 Add to cart
  HK$145.00 Add to cart
  HK$198.00 Add to cart
  HK$230.00 Add to cart
  HK$215.00 Add to cart
  HK$240.00 Add to cart
  HK$208.00 Add to cart
  HK$265.00 Add to cart
  HK$215.00 Add to cart
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