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Detective 2 The (2011)

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Product Code: V4733
Price: VCD - HK$28.00

DVD Add to cart
Product Code: ULDTS69549
Price: DVD - HK$55.00

Starring : Aaron Kwok, Liu Kai Chi, Patrick Tam
VCD Subtitles : Chinese, English
DVD Subtitles : Chinese, English
Audio : dts 6.1, Dolby Digital 5.1
Region/Format : Code 3, NTSC, Anamorphic WS
Language : Mandarin, Cantonese
Rating/Genres : Thriller, Drama, Action
Distributed by : Universe Laser
Directed By : Oxide Pang Chun
Release Date : 07-07-2011
Description :  

Running time 101 minutes
The movie starts off with a scene where a kid was told by his god-sister that his mother killed his father after she found out that his father had an affair with a woman and after that his mother killed herself. Then it zoomed to a murder scene where a man was found murdered with multiple stab wounds. After that a woman was killed and raped with a stick under a bridge. Then a man was killed with his genital being amputated by the killer. After that, a woman was killed in the park with her tongue being cut out.

Tam (Aaron Kwok) stepped in to help investigate the case after his buddy Fung Chak (Liu Kai-chi) called for his help. However, Fung Chak's superior, Inspector Lo (Patrick Tam) didn't like Tam to intervene his investigation on the murder cases. He instructed one of his subordinate to attack Tam and warned Tam to stop investigating. At the same night, his buddy Fung Chak was ran over by a car. He survived the accident and advised Tam to stop investigating the cases.

After days and days of brain cracking, Tam finally uncovered the mystery. He found out that the murderer must be a orphan (I don't know how he manage to come to that conclusion). So he shortlisted the suspects and found out that one of them is an orphan. However, she had a sister. (Yes, you are right. The boy at the beginning of the movie is the killer.) He went to find his sister and found out that she is actually her mother. She was raped at young age but didn't know how to tell her son. So she created a story and told him that his parents passed away.

Later on, she found out that he became more possessive of her. So she had to break the news to him and he ran away from home. That was the last she saw him. Little did she know that her little lie turned out to be too difficult for him to accept. He started to kill people and make a radio story out of his killing spree. He recorded all his killings in his recorder. Tam went to the killer's house and ransacked through his things. He found the recordings. He took it with him. Later, when the killer came home, he found out that his things went missing and he went crazy. He went to the hospital and kidnapped Fung Chak. He called Tam, asking him to return him his cassettes.

When Tam reached there, after some confrontation, the killer shot Fung Chak, killing him. He then committed suicide by shooting himself on the head.

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